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We are redesigning the baby nursery and making it smart, intuitive and delightful.

We use a combination of deep tech expertise in IoT(Internet of Things), AI/ML, cutting edge sensors to design beautiful and iconic products that delight our customers. The founding/early team are alumni of IIT, IISc, MDI, NIT, NIFT and from MNCs like Texas Instruments, Qualcomm, NetApp, Cadence Systems and Orange Telecom.

Made by Parents. For Parents.

We believe parenting should be a joyful and memorable experience, full of quality time spent with your baby.

But the first years of parenting revolve around baby sleep. New parents spend a staggering 1977 hours a year (around 82 days!) just trying to get their baby to sleep. The resulting sleep deprivation adversely affects wake time with the baby.

So we’re redesigning the whole baby nursery experience. We’re making it smart, intuitive, and delightful. We want to make the first years of parenting as joyous as possible, for the entire family.

Our first product, the Cradlewise smart crib, will do this by improving your baby’s sleep along with your quality of life, thereby saving you precious time which you can now spend with your baby.

Join us to be a part of this change.

Radhika & Bharath

Founders at Cradlewise

Cradlewise History


Cradlewise is born


Cradlewise raises $1M pre-seed


Wins TIME Best Inventions Award. Launches pilot in SF Bay Area.


Wins awards at CES. Launches across USA. Raises $7M series seed

What's in it for you

✔️ Leadership & say in key decisions

✔️ Work with a talented team

✔️ Continuous growth and learning

✔️ Room for own initiatives and ideas

✔️ Open feedback culture

✔️ Transparency of results & strategy

✔️ Competitive benefits

✔️ Salary growth with company

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Head of Operations


Head of Growth


VP Marketing (Community & Brand)


Senior Product Manager


Senior Social Media Strategist



Principal Software Engineer Android

Bangalore, IN

Software Engineer Android

Bangalore, IN

Principal Software Engineer iOS

Bangalore, IN

Senior Frontend Engineer UI

Bangalore, IN

Frontend Engineer UI

Bangalore, IN

Senior Software Engineer AI

Bangalore, IN

Software Engineer AI

Bangalore, IN

Senior Backend Developer

Bangalore, IN

Embedded Software Engineer

Bangalore, IN

SDET Automation

Bangalore, IN

Production Manager

Bangalore, IN

Video Specialist

Bangalore, IN

Customer Success Associate

Bangalore, IN

Content Writer

Bangalore, IN

Growth Marketer

Bangalore, IN

Social Media and Community

Bangalore, IN

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A crib that calms.. One of the Best Inventions of 2020..

It's One of The Best Smart Bassinets to Help Get Your Baby to Sleep..

Anything that could help your baby and yourself catch some extra rest.. Cradlewise cradle is designed to do just that..

.. automatically coax crying babies back to sleep without parents needing to wake up in the middle of the night..

There is nothing in the world more valuable to new parents than sleep.. Cradlewise helps your little one stay snoozing..

Prepare yourself for tomorrow.. Before your baby turns into an air raid siren, the cradle starts rocking to help them drift back off..

Smart Crib Aims to Help Rockabye Baby..

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